A Message from our Temple President

Important Notice
Temple Beth Sholom will be vacating our current premises in the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce building as of March 31, 2019. We have narrowed down our options and will be reporting the Board’s decision soon.
It is important to emphasize once again that there will be no disruption of Shabbat or holiday services or disruption of classes, activities or Share and Care during our transition. 

We will not have room for our upright piano or old-style banquet tables once we move. They are available to anyone or any organization who would like them.

If you have wall decorations, furniture or objects that you have donated or gifted to the shul, we would like to return them to you. The objects from the curio cabinet need to be reclaimed, as the cabinet has been returned to the family who gifted it to us. Let the rabbi know by February 20th which objects are yours so they don’t end up in someone else’s home. This will help make our move to a smaller space go smoothly. Questions? Contact Rabbi Rosenstein at rabbi@tbstemecula.org.

Craig Schlumbohm, President