TBS of Temecula Weekly Newsletter 7-11-2019

Shabbat Chukkat
Torah Reading: Numbers 19:1-22:1
Haftarah Reading: Judges 11:1-33

Torah Sparks: commentary on this week’s readings: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YYrnoAvWUb64QwFp-hQvbOols0ThXsIJeR1ATOWKmT4/edit?usp=sharing

Shabbat Morning News

We need a case of 8 oz bottles of water. We are almost out. Please keep up the great job of bringing food for our onegs and Shabbat kiddish lunches. Continue to stay creative! We can always use tuna salad, pasta sides, casseroles and fruit. Cookies or cake are nice for dessert too. We know you love lunch after services, so please continue to be meritorious by being a bringer of food. 

Note: all food must be meat/meat by-product free. Check each and every ingredient, including oils found in the food items or used in cooking. Only vegetable oils are allowed. Foods must be pareve, vegetarian or vegan. If you find reading ingredient labels challenging, only buy products with a hekshur on it. (That’s the symbol that tells that the product is kosher). Questions? Contact Joyce Folman at shul or Rabbi Rosenstein at info@tbstemecula.org.

Friday Night News

We are not having a pot luck Shabbat service during the month of July, as the rabbi will be in Israel over two Shabbatot. Who would like to host our August pot luck. The weather will be nice; we could do it outdoors if someone has a backyard or club house/rec center available. Let Rabbi Rosenstein know if you’d like to host it.

Calendar Update

There will be no Share and Care on Wednesday July 24th. Rabbi Rosenstein will be attending a weeklong seminar at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. Group will resume July 31st.

While Rabbi Rosenstein is gone, our excellent bima team will be conducting services. Make an effort to attend so we have a minyan for those who need to say kaddish.



Rabbi Rosenstein encourages people who wish to convert as well as Jewish people who have no need to convert to take the 18 week course to educate themselves or refresh their knowledge of the basic history, concepts and theology of Judaism. If you are curious about Judaism, want to learn how to read the squiggles and wiggles of Hebrew and come to understand the gift of the Jews, then this is the course for you.

All curious people are welcome. Contact Rabbi Rosenstein at rabbi@tbstemecula.org or call shul office 951-679-0419 to enroll or for further info. Fee: $360 per person for 18 weeks, 3 hours per session. The full schedule of class dates, syllabus and the list of materials needed will be made available once we have full enrollment.

What is Spiritual Care?

Spiritual care offers a type of support that recognizes and responds to the needs of the human spirit when faced with trauma, ill health or sadness brought about by changes in life style, circumstance, or the loss of a loved one. Whether you need help finding peace where you are in life or figuring out the next step, spiritual care offers care seekers a place to express their feelings and find support during times of challenge. Our weekly spiritual care group called Share and Care meets Wednesdays from 1-3 pm. The fee is $10 per session.

Individual confidential sessions are available by appointment with Rabbi Rosenstein on a weekly or as needed basis. Appointment space is limited, and available on a first come first served basis. Please contact Rabbi Rosenstein directly for immediate availability. $50 fee per session.

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