TBS Weekly Newsletter 12-13-18

Shabbat Vayiggash

Torah Reading: Gen. 44:18-47:27
Haftarah Reading: Ezekiel 37:15-28

We had a great time at our first monthly Shabbat Pot Luck Dinner

A grand time was had by all at Harriet’s house last Friday night as we celebrated Shabbat and Chanukah with our pot luck and service. The lights of the Chanukah candles brought warmth and joy to our celebration. It was a sight to behold! The food was delicious of course and the White Elephant game was very entertaining.

Shabbat Morning News

Come January we will need two new people to commit to bringing one of the following entree options: a tuna salad, an egg dish (we can supply the eggs), or a casserole, etc. We will need two people to commit to bringing a side dish (pasta, quinoa, hummus with veggies/crackers, etc.). These are just suggestions. Be as creative as you wish.  We also need 2 people to bring dessert. We are hoping to have 4 weeks of consecutive commitment, otherwise it will be a logistical challenge to coordinate. Please volunteer to be a bringer of food! Note: all food must be meat/meat by-product free. Check each and every ingredient, including oils found in the food items or used in cooking. Only vegetable oils are allowed. Foods must be pareve, vegetarian or vegan. If you find reading ingredient labels challenging, only buy products with a hekshur on it. (That’s the symbol that tells that the product is kosher). Questions: contact Joyce at shul or Rabbi Rosenstein at rabbi@tbstemecula.org. We thank our anonymous kiddish lunch sponsor who funded our kiddish lunch program for a very long time. We are grateful.

Winter Psalms

 During the winter months, there is a Jewish tradition of studying a special set of psalms – “tehilim” on Shabbat afternoons. These psalms, #120-#134, are known as the Shir HaMaalot/Songs of Ascent, as that is the first phrase in each psalm. This week, take a look at Psalm 126. It refers to Tzion (ציון), one of the Bible’s names for Yerushalayim, which is also used in a more general sense for the entire Land of Israel. This name is closely related to the word for ‘special’ and ‘distinctive,’ m’tzuyan (מצוין). This teaches that God’s holy city is more than a location. According to former British Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, “Tzion is not just a place. It is a way of life. Jews are called to moral excellence, to be different…” G-d created a special place on earth which would be the ideal incubator for spiritual growth. The word Tzion, therefore, describes not only where we live, but how we must live. Psalm 126 is recited by Jews upon completing a festive meal, connecting it with the eternal longing for physical redemption and spiritual greatness in Zion. When G-d finally returns His people to Israel, they will be “as in a dream,” as the actual redemption and height­ened spirituality will be even greater than imagined, beyond our wildest dreams.  The psalm is located on page 252 in your Siddur Sim Shalom; you can also find it at https://www.sefaria.org/Psalms.125?lang=bi, on an excellent online Jewish library site.


The Miller Program – Introduction to Judaism class will be starting within the next 2 months.  Rabbi Rosenstein encourages people who wish to convert as well as Jewish people who have no need to convert to take the 18 week course to educate themselves or refresh their knowledge of the basic history, concepts and theology of Judaism. If you are curious about Judaism, want to learn how to read the squiggles and wiggles of Hebrew and come to understand the gift of the Jews, then this is the course for you. All curious people are welcome. Contact Rabbi Rosenstein at rabbi@tbstemecula.org or call shul office 951-679-0419 for further info. Fee: $360 per person for 18 weeks, 3 hours per session.
Adult Hebrew reading skills classes, levels 1 & 2 are in formation.
Sign ups are being taken now. Level 1 teaches basic reading skills for those with no background in Hebrew. You will learn to read the wiggles and squiggles of the Hebrew language and be able to following along in the prayer book during services. Level 2 continues with more intense learning, focusing on reading proficiency and fluidity by using the level II workbook and prayers directly from the prayer book. Classes will meet once a week for 8 weeks. Contact Rabbi Rosenstein at 951-679-0419 or at rabbi@tbstemecula.org with questions or to sign up. Fee: $80 per person for 8 weeks, 2 hours per session.

What is Spiritual Care?

Spiritual care offers a type of support that recognizes and responds to the needs of the human spirit when faced with trauma, ill health or sadness brought about by changes in life style, circumstance, or the loss of a loved one. Whether you need help finding peace where you are in life or figuring out the next step, spiritual care offers care seekers a place to express their feelings and find support during times of challenge.
Individual confidential sessions are available by appointment with Rabbi Rosenstein on a weekly or as needed basis. Appointment space is limited, and available on a first come first served basis. Please contact Rabbi Rosenstein directly for immediate availability. $50 fee per session.

TBS Spiritual Care Group has Openings

Our weekly Wednesday afternoon Share and Care group has space for a few new care-seekers. Need a place to talk about your feelings related to loss, mourning, care-giving issues or age related matters? Simply feeling mixed up and need some clarity in your life?Then join us from 1-3pm every Wednesday at the synagogue. There is a $10 fee per session. We are not a therapy group. We don’t “fix” what ails you. But we do offer extremely good emotional support to all who need a kind ear, help in figuring out their next step or finding peace with where they are in their journey through life. Everything said in group stays in group. That is one reason why we are so successful and why we have been meeting consistently for over four years. Questions? Contact Rabbi Rosenstein at rabbi@tbstemecula.org or call Temple office at 951-679-0419.
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