TBS Weekly Newsletter 4-18-19

Shabbat Pesach –  no services Friday night

Torah Reading: Exodus 12:21-51
Maftir: Pinchas Numbers 28:16-25
Haftarah Reading: Joshua 3:5-7; 5:2-61; 6:27

Torah Sparks: commentary on this week’s readings: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KftiJG_o0PlPP3KR9bzhxbAli_TvqgtMyefZ7vfsJsk/edit?usp=sharing


We Have Moved!

Our new address is 28600 Mercedes St., Suite 102 on the south east corner of Fourth St. and Mercedes St. in Old Town Temecula. The walls are painted, the new flooring is in place. The wall decorations are still boxed up, the ceiling still needs some work AND we only get to eat matzah and grape juice/wine. But… we will be in our new home for Shabbat Pesach. Craig has been working tirelessly to complete this monumental task of rehabbing our new space. Our parking lot will have room for 5, maybe 6 cars, if we park tight and tandem. These spaces will be reserved for those who either have handicap placards or who simply need to park close. Street parking and the public parking lot will be available for everyone else. Plan to give yourself plenty of time to park, walk and settle if you are one who likes to be at services at start time. We know people will be tired after the first seder. Even if you need to come late, know that your presence is welcome and indeed necessary to insure a minyan.

Yom HaShoah

Yom Hashoah, the Day of Remembrance for those lost in the Holocaust, is May 2. We will have special 25-hour Yellow Candles available at all three of our Pesach services (April 20, 26 and 27). They are free to all members of the congregation and anyone else present. Please make sure that you get your candle and light it on the evening of May 1. It is incumbent upon us to keep the memory of the Shoah alive. Contact Stuart Wald at stuart.wald@gmail.com for more information.


Save the Date

Pesach begins tomorrow night!

The first seder is on Friday night April 19th. If you still need a seder know that there will be one on the first night in Canyon Lake sponsored by the Canyon Lake Torah Club and a second night seder at B’nai Chaim in Murrieta. There may still be space.


TBS will conclude Pesach with Shabbat/closing Pesach services including Yizkor on Shabbat morning, April 27th at 10 am. If you have someone for whom you need to say kaddish, plan to attend that morning.

Two Pesach Guides for your Purusal

From the Rabbinical Assembly – check out this link:
https://www.rabbinicalassembly.org/sites/default/files/final_pesah_guide_5779.pdf. This will be very familiar to those who have been making seders for decades


From Professor/Rabbi Haim Ovadia, an observant rabbi who is the spiritual leader of Magen David Sephardic Congregation of Rockville, Maryland. It is geared to those new to Pesach kashrut observance and those who no longer choose to be slaves in their own kitchens. Rabbi Ovadia writes, “The intent of this guide is to make your life easier, as HaShem intended for it to be. It will hopefully allow you to focus more on the spiritual experience of the Seder night, and spend less time, money, and energy, on unnecessary cleaning and on purchasing expensive certified Kosher products.

Also, click the link from our Menu Page for the FEATURED POST from our Rabbi: RABBI’S PESACH GUIDE FOR 2019. It’s truly a great piece of information!

Shabbat Morning News

Who will volunteer to be food provider for May? Our cadre of volunteers is dwindling. We have egg salad and green salad but we still need tuna salad, side dishes, fruit and some desserts. Casseroles work well, too. We know you love lunch after services, so please be meritorious by being a bringer of food.

 Note: all food must be meat/meat by-product free. Check each and every ingredient, including oils found in the food items or used in cooking. Only vegetable oils are allowed. Foods must be pareve, vegetarian or vegan. If you find reading ingredient labels challenging, only buy products with a hekshur on it. (That’s the symbol that tells that the product is kosher). Questions? Contact Joyce Folman at shul or Rabbi Rosenstein at info@tbstemecula.org.

Friday Night News

There is no Shabbat pot luck this month. We have a home for June, but are still looking for a home for May. Will you be a host? If so, contact Rabbi Rosenstein immediately at rabbi@tbstemecula.org. Please see note about food ingredients in the Shabbat Morning News section above.Think vegan, vegetarian, pareve and dairy and you will be on the right track.

Once Pesach is over, we could really use some help with light desserts for our Friday night Onegs at the shul. Fruit, cookies or small cakes to go with our challah, wine and grape juice would be greatly appreciated. Donations of 8 oz bottles of water, Manischewitz or Kedem brand sweet concord grape wine would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to contribute, please speak to the rabbi or to Joyce Folman.




The Miller Program – Introduction to Judaism class has been postponed do to under enrollment. We must have at least seven students to run the class but we only had three enrollees. Perhaps we will be able to convene the new cohort in late June. Rabbi Rosenstein encourages people who wish to convert as well as Jewish people who have no need to convert to take the 18 week course to educate themselves or refresh their knowledge of the basic history, concepts and theology of Judaism. If you are curious about Judaism, want to learn how to read the squiggles and wiggles of Hebrew and come to understand the gift of the Jews, then this is the course for you. All curious people are welcome. Contact Rabbi Rosenstein at rabbi@tbstemecula.org or call shul office 951-679-0419 to enroll or for further info. Fee: $360 per person for 18 weeks, 3 hours per session. The full schedule of class dates, syllabus and the list of materials needed will be made available once we have full enrollment. Checks will be returned to those who mailed them to the shul.


  What is Spiritual Care?

Spiritual care offers a type of support that recognizes and responds to the needs of the human spirit when faced with trauma, ill health or sadness brought about by changes in life style, circumstance, or the loss of a loved one. Whether you need help finding peace where you are in life or figuring out the next step, spiritual care offers care seekers a place to express their feelings and find support during times of challenge.

Individual confidential sessions are available by appointment with Rabbi Rosenstein on a weekly or as needed basis. Appointment space is limited, and available on a first come first served basis. Please contact Rabbi Rosenstein directly for immediate availability. $50 fee per session.

TBS Spiritual Care Group has Openings

Our weekly Wednesday afternoon Share and Care group has space for a few new care-seekers. Need a place to talk about your feelings related to loss, mourning, care-giving issues or age related matters? Simply feeling mixed up and need some clarity in your life?Then join us from 1-3pm every Wednesday at the synagogue. There is a $10 fee per session. We are not a therapy group. We don’t “fix” what ails you. But we do offer extremely good emotional support to all who need a kind ear, help in figuring out their next step or finding peace with where they are in their journey through life. Everything said in group stays in group. That is one reason why we are so successful and why we have been meeting consistently for over four years. Questions? Contact Rabbi Rosenstein at rabbi@tbstemecula.org or call Temple office at 951-679-0419.


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