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Parashat Korach July 2, 2022 | 3 Tamuz 5782 Torah: Numbers 16:1-18:32 | Triennial: 15:8-15:41 Haftarah: I Samuel 17:25-17:32 Disputation Without Denigration Ilana Kurshan Our parashah tells the story of Korach and his followers, who lead a rebellion to undermine the leadership of Moshe and Aaron in the wilderness. God responds by orchestrating a ceremony [...]
Parashat Behar May 20, 2022 | 19 Iyyar 5782 Torah: Leviticus 25:1-26:2 | Triennial: 25:29-26:2 Haftarah: Jeremiah 32:6-27 Given Over to the Heart Ilana Kurshan Our parashah contains a rather vague and general prohibition against mistreating other people: “Do not wrong one another, but fear your God, for I the Lord am your God” (Leviticus [...]
Parashat Emor May 13, 2022 | 12 Iyyar 5782 Torah: Leviticus 21:1-24:23 | Triennial: 23:23-24:23 Haftarah: Ezekiel 44:15-31 Among the Bearded Barley Ilana Kurshan Parshat Emor describes the Omer offering that must be brought to the Temple on the “day after the Sabbath” (Leviticus 23:16), interpreted by the rabbis as the sixteenth of Nisan, which [...]